What is each Big Ten university known for?

<p>So my interest in out of state universities is sparking. Considering my grades, family issues ( not just speaking of household) etc.... I'm starting to think it will only be a logical move for me to make. Though my top choice is in Michigan, I'm starting to reconsider what may be best for me. I doubt I was influence by my other cousins who is also graduating with me and non with interest of in state schools.
So what is each Big Ten university known for? What are out of staters chances? Since I was looking at university close to the city of Lansing, yet well respected Purdue University is high on the list ( depends on how things turn out, if it appears it will be the best move, then it's nice to be reasonable driving distance).
Big Ten Universities:
Michigan State University
University of Michigan- Ann Arbor
Purdue University
University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
University of Wisconsin- Madison
University of Illinios
Unversity of Iowa
Ohio State University
Pennslyvania State University
(If these ten are not enough then consider mentioning as well: Arizona State University, University of Arizona, University of Colorado)</p>

<p>I have particular interest in majoring in science ( biology, pre-medicine etc...) though with my local hopsital, and my doctor ( she does not take right steps to finding out food intolerance, allergies etc....) I'm being pushed away from that field.</p>

<p>Purdue = engineering and hard sciences</p>

<p>Purdue is astronaut's school and nuclear science majors.
Iowa is known for the awesome college town and it's writers. The biz school is good.
Michigan is known as the Public Ivy of the Big Ten.
Northwestern is known as the Private Ivy of the Big Ten.
Michigan State is the nation's largest land-grant university.
Wisconsin is known just as an all-around good school, and Madison is popular.
Ohio State is known for being huge. Really huge.
Indiana is known for its Greek community and its famously bucolic campus.
Penn State is known for being cold, for Joe Pa, and for all of its damn satellite campuses.
Illinois is known for all of its foreign exchange students.
Minnesota is probably known as the really urban Big Ten school. Minneapolis is pretty cool.</p>

<p>u left off Indiana. there are 11 in the big 10 lol.</p>

<p>Michigan State University
University of Michigan- Ann Arbor
Purdue University - Engineering
University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
University of Wisconsin- Madison
University of Illinios - Engineering
Unversity of Iowa - Lit
Indiana University - Business, Music, and Journalism
Northwestern - Journalism
Ohio State University
Pennslyvania State University</p>

<p>all i got.</p>

<p>If you pay OOS tuition at another Big Ten school instead of going to UMich instate, I and other posters may consider taking legal action against you for sheer idiocy.</p>

<p>In all seriousness, Michigan is the best Big Ten school, and for most disciplines, Bio included, it has the best program in the Big Ten.</p>

<p>Yeah that's pretty bad. It's ridiculous trying to get into Michigan if you're OOS. Take advantage of that if you're in-state.</p>

<p>Michigan is not better than Northwestern.</p>

<p>That's why I said OOS tuition, but you are right, I should have said that Michigan is the best "public Big Ten school" in my above statements.</p>

<p>Michigan State University - Engineering and Sciences
University of Michigan- Ann Arbor - Business and Literature
Purdue University - Engineering
University of Minnesota- Twin Cities - Business
University of Wisconsin- Madison - Poli-sci - Biology, Happy Students
University of Illinois - Information Technology
University of Iowa - Literature
Indiana University - Top Business Program and once being great in basketball
Northwestern - Journalism, Musical Theatre
Ohio State University - Football
Pennsylvania State University - Engineering & Top Supply Chain Planning/Logistics program in the country, happy students</p>

Michigan is not better than Northwestern.


<p>2 hours and nobody has raised hell about this...I'm worried.</p>

<p>Indiana - Jacobs School of Music</p>

<p>Michigan is WAY better than Northwestern</p>

<p>Michigan: sophisticated and liberal, big contingent of folks from the NY/NJ area.
Ohio State: the one Big 10 public flagship that loses a lot of the state's top students to another in-state public (Miami University).
Indiana: Campus has no med school, no engineering, small law school, no agriculture. Giving it an oddly liberal-artsish feel for a huge university...theater/music are very prominent on campus. VERY prominent Greek scene.
Iowa: Iowans take their education surprisingly seriously for a "farm state." Campus has river running through it.
Northwestern: lots of Northeasterners. Campus right ON shores of Lake Michigan.
Purdue: lots of red brick, not much action in town or nearby. Big Greek scene.
MSU: very pretty, very spread out. U of Mich gets most of the state's "agitators," so it's not very activist. In a lot of ways, the prototypical big state university...can do and study just about anything there.
Minnesota: more commuter-ish than the others. Hoping a new football stadium will bring more of a community feel to the campus. Really cold weather.
Wisconsin: cold weather. Pretty. Big lakes adjacent. Lively party scene. Very similar to U of Michigan in many ways.
Penn State: a long way from anywhere.
Illinois: Lots of people in the Chicago area would rather go to Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa.</p>

<p>U of Minnesota has a badass Chemical Engineering program. I've heard of people coming up here for Poly Sci and Business.</p>

<p>Wisconsin--> party school?</p>

<p>Penn State has top Turfgrass Science program in the country I'm pretty sure</p>

<p>Michigan is like the ultimate backup college at my school, which btw is not in Michigan.</p>

<p>+1 regarding Minnesota's chemical engineering program. There are a lot of chemical engineers in this town, and all of them I've talked to consider a Minnesota degree as good as any other in the world.</p>

<p>Penn State has a lot of top mundane programs. Good for them.</p>

<p>If Michigan is the ultimate backup college at your school not only are you lying off your ass, but you're also a hopeless Ohio St fan.</p>

<p>Michigan: possibly the flagship school for the big ten. Similar to Northwestern in academics (better in engineering and possibly business), though less selective.<br>
Ohio State: the large big ten school in a bad city that owns in revenue sports
Indiana: pretty campus.<br>
Iowa: I don't know much about Iowa.<br>
Northwestern: the Stanford of the big ten (Michigan is the Cal/UCLA). Fantastic all around academics and is a very national or global university
Purdue: astronauts and the old school engineers/chemists
MSU: For people who don't get into Michigan
Minnesota: I don't know much about Minnesota, either.<br>
Wisconsin: Good all around academics. Probably a cut above UIUC in most fields, with the exception of engineering and possibly a few others. I hear parties are awesome there, and it has a good college town and location.<br>
Penn State: Penn what? Like Iowa and Minnesota, I don't know much about PSU.<br>
Illinois: Is the flagship engineering school in the BT, but academics drop preciptiously after that. The school that many chicagoans apply to and get accepted to, but end up going to schools with better locations and academics (Wiscy, UMich, Northwestern, Indiana...)</p>

<p>In terms of general academics, IMO Northwestern is slightly better than Michigan, but it drops after that to a point where I don't know how to rate them (Wiscy would be next, probably, followed closely by Illinois)</p>

<p>I'm old school----I'll never consider Penn State a legitimate member of the Big 10! </p>

<p>All the big 10 unis are good for sciences. At the graduate level, Michigan, and to a lesser extent, Northwestern and Wisconsin are nationally ranked in many fields. To mention just a few of the areas for which each school is known:
Michigan State University---has a lot of international development programs; Honors college is supposed to be good
University of Michigan- Ann Arbor---good in every field, standout program in E. Asian L& L and Middle Eastern L&L, classics, psychology
Purdue University-engineering, industrial psychology, communication, computer science
University of Minnesota- Twin Cities---developmental psychology, forestry, biosciences, Scandinavian L & L, Mayo Clinic
University of Wisconsin- Madison---SE Asian Studies, S. Asian Studies, sociology, English & American linguistics, microbiology, Scandinavian, German, lots of international development programs, African L & L, history of science, geography & cartography
University of Illinios---computer science, EE
Unversity of Iowa---creative writing, speech pathology
Indiana University--Kelly School of Business, Eurasian languages, School of Music, journalism, Slavic languages, folklore, history & philosophy of science, kinesiology
Northwestern---African studies, philosophy, American history, theatre, journalism
Ohio State University---slavic languages</p>

<p>The Big Ten all around is probably the worst conference when it comes to sports, ironically..but the best conference when it comes to actual universities, which is far more important, of course. They are all great schools, great academics, beautiful campuses, and great college towns. They ALL represent the ideal state flagship.</p>

<p>Thanks for replies, looking for more.</p>