What is "Earlism?"

is a complicated nature of mentality among ED/EAers.</p>

<p>It encompasses a very wide range of feelings such as:</p>

<p>hope that I will get in
+ anxiety that what if I won't?
+ bent for "seniorities"
+ pressure that I have to fill out other apps
+ confusion at whether to take standardized tests again
+ regret for past laziness
+ impatience
+ again, hope that I will get in, any way
+ still, worry that I won't</p>

<p>If you become an "earlist," you can't go back to your normal life with hard work, passion, and energy.</p>

<p>You stand in-between pessimism and optimism. You don't exactly know where you are. That disorientation really bothers you.</p>

<p>Do you agree with me?</p>

<p>Are you kidding me? "Earlism" is what motivates alot of people to try (like me)</p>

<p>That's well put. </p>

<p>I don't want to be presumptuous to stop preparing for generic college application (SAT, ACT, etc), but I feel reluctant to start work on many new applications, unless I am rejected ED. </p>

<p>The ED process seems like you're pushing all your chips into the pot, but at the same time, in failure, you can still apply elsewhere,.</p>

<p>It's also the opposite of Realism. :cool:</p>

<p>i made this account to say thank you for showing me this</p>