What is enrollment by window and open enrollment?!

<p>ok so i was looking at the calender and there is this enrollment thing. I read the description and still don really get exactly what they are. Can i do them online??- it talked about WebReg (donno wut that is~ sounds like online stuff) Can someone plz explain them?!?! I'm going out of country after i attend the SPOP and i want to know when i have to come back to finish the enrollment stuff.</p>

<p>Sorry I can't be too specific since I don't know everything and I'm too lazy to look it up, but if you're ever in doubt I'm sure there's a link somewhere explaining more about the registration process. If you can't find it, let us know and maybe we can help you look for it.</p>

<p>But basically everyone has an enrollment period. Freshmen have lowest priority while seniors have the highest priority (they register for classes the earliest). WebReg is what we use to enter our classes and add them to our schedule (or drop them). Once your enrollment window is over, you are not allowed to access WebReg until after 7PM, which is a hassle if you really want to get into classes that are filling up. </p>

<p>Incoming freshmen are a little different because you register when you have SPOP (which is why those who go to earlier SPOPs have an advantage). Once everyone (freshmen are last) has registered, there is a period of time afterwards where anyone (no matter what status) can add or drop more classes and it doesn't have to be after 7PM anymore.</p>

<p>Oh, I just re-read your post and if I read correctly, you don't register after SPOP, you register <em>during</em> SPOP so I think you will be alright :) Oh, and yes this is all done online.</p>

<p>thank you so much
that helped a lot!!!
but i'm still not sure when i have to come back. (i want to stay out of country as long as possible)
sooo after i attend the SPOP then i'm all done and just have to come back when school start?!
but when does school start?!
on the calender it says
Fall 2010<br>
Quarter begins Sep 20<br>
Instruction begins Sep 23
I have been asking everyone and looking everywhere but still not too sure. Where can i find the link that explains the registration?!?!?! I only have the calender and my admission page but they r either too vague or too confusing for me to understand -.-....</p>

<p>classes start when instruction starts.. the quarter beginning is probably just more important for workers and what not.
after SPOP you're done. you should register for classes at SPOP, your registration window doesn't open until then. you can still edit after SPOP though. the way things work now a days it that you're most likely fine as long as you have internet access. i'm pretty sure they don't need anything of you other than Tuition Fees, so make sure you have that paid. if they do need something they'll email you anyways.
also, i'm not sure if you're dorming or not, but if you are i'd try to be there on move-in day, because that's when it's most fun / it's easiest to miss people. there's also a few "welcome week" events, like when all the clubs are around the park and what not.</p>

<p>ohhh!! thank u :D
i don have to worry about missing important dates :D
do u know about when it's the move in week???
cus i haven't gotten anything regarding moving in.</p>

<p>That won't occur till mid-late September :P</p>

<p>If school starts the 23rd, Move-In days are probably the 18th or 19th (you randomly get assigned one day). I'm pretty sure it was the weekend just before school started, because I remember wanting to move-in sooner / thinking school started too soon before getting settled.</p>

<p>thx guys!!!!
ok one last question- does it seems reasonable that school starts on Sep 23 this year?! Cus my friend (parent of a current UCI student) said that school usually start on labor day :/</p>

<p>Yes, September 23rd is a completely typical date for class to start. In fact, I think it actually started slightly later last year and the year before that.</p>

<p>You're right that it's pretty common for universities to start their academic year right after Labor Day. However, the UC system is on the quarter system, so every UC (except for Berkeley and Merced), are on a September-June academic calender.</p>

<p>ohhh ok thank u guys!!!!
i'm good to go XDDDD</p>

<p>To amplify a bit. Move-in will be on the Saturday or Sunday before the quarter starts on Monday. Most of the events, opportunities, and requirements (testing, auditions, etc.) occur during the first three days of "Welcome Week" before instruction starts on Thursday.</p>

<p>Since she asked about open enrollment, I thought I'd ask my question here too. One of the classes that I need is restricted for majors only. When do they lift that restriction? I thought it was during "open enrollment" starting on June 2, but I've been trying and it still says that it's restricted.</p>

<p>It's September 18th at noon, it's after the waitlist release. However, some classes don't drop the major restriction, it depends on the class and open seats. I think some examples are some Studio Art and Management classes.. What class are you trying for?</p>

<p>^ I'm trying for Econ 100A</p>

<p>usually when is the "welcome week"??? i don want to miss that >_<</p>

<p>@phamous, I'm also trying to get into Econ 100A, it says that restrictions will be lifted on the 18th of Sept.</p>