What is going on with Drexel adcom???

<p>Hi everybody,
I'm an intl' applicant this year. My problem is that I tried to contact Drexel's adcom by email (they encourage us to do that) to clarify some information about my transcript in the last whole week, but still haven't got any reply yet. I really don't understand what has been happening. Any advice?</p>

<p>Moreover, is the fax machine in the Admission Office on 24/7?</p>

<p>Thank you all.</p>

<p>yeo dude.. I just got accepted recently and one of the things I learned is that anything that is important (such as transcripts) should be done on the phone with Drexel. I think they encourage emails for things like questions you may have regarding the school such as the student life there or any questions regarding the application process. Even though your situation seems to be pretty important, theyre still a little behind on emails. My advice to you is give it another day or two, and if they don't respond then you should probably call admissions.</p>

<p>Yeah, Drexel's email system is really poor. I had a huge situation (multiple applications with crossing... it was a mess) and sent them an email. After a week, I hadn't gotten a response, so I emailed someone I knew at the university. I got immediate help and it was sorted out in just a few days.</p>