what is greek life?

<p>Sorry for sounding naive, what exactly is the greek system?, I hear about it a lot. Is it just a group of college students who like to party and get drunk or is there anything more to it? What are the advantages/disadvantages of going "greek"?</p>

<p>my roommate was in an honors "frat".. and they did a lot of like.. community service, and they studied together.. and to them it was a lot of friendly bonding and whatnot... but i know other frat's... all it seems like they do is party and whatnot.. so it depends i guess what kind you join.</p>

<p>Most frats are just for drinking and parting.</p>

<p>Frats aren't all about drinking and partying (even though there is plenty of it). I am in a frat and I love it. There is always something to do, most the time it is just hanging out, watching football, or whatever. There are all kinds of frats though, you have to find the one that suites you best.</p>

<p>you guys are naive. people in frats party in college, people not in frats party just as much in college. there are party advantages. your frat could throw lots of parties, its cool to be the one hosting the party, etc. theres also other advantages. living with 40 of your friends with similar interests, visiting other colleges chapters, and having thousands of people in the US for possible job connections and what not</p>

<p>If you are interested in more information about fraternities/sororities, try the message boards at greekchat.com</p>

<p>Chapters vary from college to college, and within a campus each fraternity and sorority will have a different personality.</p>

<p>Greek life is a great way to meet lots of people who are all eager to meet other people as well! it gives you a smaller community to feel a part of (which can be nice at a big school) and helps form friendships and sort of a social network. some people really like it, some people really don't, it's just a preference thing! if you're interested you should definitely Rush, you can always drop out if you find it's not for you, but in the meanwhile you might find you really enjoy the people and the sorority/frat! :)</p>

<p>and what not.</p>