What is important to you and why?

I am utterly confused as to what will write as a response . Honestly speaking , I have never faced such vague questions but I do have some idea about what to write.
okay , so for this question , can I use references from pop culture and books?

You can attack it from many angles. One way would be to ask a brainstorming question such as: If your home is burning down, but you miraculously have been given a couple minutes to save ten items, what would those be? Tie in a couple of those into a story or slice of life type essay.
You could also take it in the context of a “why us?” question, if that hasn’t been addressed elsewhere in the application. Discuss what specific aspects of this college are important to you and why, and how you might contribute to the campus community. Alternatively, you could talk about social causes that are important to you, what you have done in high school to help the cause, and discuss opportunities available at that college that will enable you to take your participation to the next level.

You may interpret the question as you wish, as long as you answer it in some form. The point of the essay is to convince the admissions officer to want you at that college. Keep that in mind as you answer to help you stay on point.

This question may be asking you to reveal your value system, your ethical beliefs, or your career goals.

They really do want to see how you respond to such a question. Be sure to answer it.

How you think is important to them. That’s both how you choose to approach the question and what that answer is.