what is it like to be a student at RU?

<p>the professors, students, social life, food, all that good stuff...
i'm going to apply to RU in the fall to major in secondary education-english and i am curious of what is it like to be a student there :)</p>

<p>Ahh... it varies! Very subjective. What do you want to know specifically about the professors, students, etc? I don't mind conjuring up my experiences. =)</p>

<p>Hmm, anything you'd like to share is fine :)
professors: the quality of the education you received
students: is it easy to make friends? even if you don't live on campus?</p>

<p>(1) Professors:My professors so far have been good. I haven't come across a terrible professor yet. They definitely know their stuff! I can't speak for specific academic departments, but I've fared well with teachers in liberal arts subjects like psychology, English, linguistics, and history.</p>

<p>(2) Academic Opportunities:Academically you have many opportunities like research, career services to help you with landing a job or internship, thesis research projects to prepare you for graduate school. Don't fear the whole huge classrooms and lecture halls. If you want to get to know a teacher, use their office hours. But of course, use it for help and not just to pester them and say "hi!" all the time. But never fear the office hours. It can help you get to know teachers and also perform well in class if you are struggling to understand something that was taught.</p>

<p>(3) Getting involved:The few off campus kids I know find it easy to make friends when they get involved. It does help if you get involved on campus, even if it is one small club or intramural sport. You can always look for an on-campus job as well to get to know people. And if you are big on study groups, you can try and get together with people in your classes and begin friendships there. From me living in the dorms, I only became friends with like 2 or 3 people. My other connections and friendships were formed from marching band, club(s), and class.</p>

<p>(4) Living on Campus:For students living on campus you have a choice of five different locations: Busch, Livingston, College Avenue, Douglass, Cook (people often combine Douglass and Cook as one since Cook is pretty small)</p>

<p>Busch -- for the science-y and math types. It is also the campus where you'll find the football stadium and many athletic fields for other Rutgers sports teams. It's a pretty chill campus. They have suites and apartments here. I lived on this campus my freshman year and liked it. Plus the dining hall food is good and a lot of activity goes on at the student center.</p>

<p>Livingston -- There are supposed to be new dorms built here. It's quiet, sometimes too quiet for some kids. It is the home for the basketball recreation center.</p>

<p>College Ave-- it's popular for it's busyness and location near Downtown New Brunswick and of course for the frat and basement parties. Quiet convenient in terms of access to the business district and train. You'll find the Grease Trucks here! You must try a fat sandwich at least ONCE before you graduate!</p>

<p>Cook/Douglass -- I think it is the one campus that is closer to what you think of a college campus visually. Cook is mostly farms so sometimes you will smell the animals early in the morning. Douglass houses majority of women since it is the campus for the residential college. But there are two that are co-ed: -- I believe Lippincott and New Gibbons. It is quiet as well.</p>

<p>(5)** Food:** The best dining halls are Neilson dining hall on Cook/Douglass and Busch dining hall on Busch. Avoid Tillett on Livingston unless you want diarrhea, hehe :)</p>

<p>(6) Major: Oh and you mentioned about education. They offer a five year program that combine bachelor degree with masters. Here's a link related to the "Five-Year Teacher Education Program: English Education (K-12)":
Rutgers</a> GSE: Certification - Five-Year Teacher Education Program: English Education (K-12)</p>

<p>Anything else specific that you'd like to know, just ask!</p>