What is it mostly known for?

<p>I don’t know much about it except that it’s more of a religious school. Does it have a good science or medical program?</p>

<p>what's wrong with this school that nobody is interesting in it?</p>

<p>From what I hear, it's a tremendous school that suffers from geographical isolation (think about it...it's in Spokane...what's in Spokane?). The highest-ranked program is basketball...on the academic side, I don't really know the strongest program.</p>

<p>So I should not consider going there then? Thanks for finally answering my post. By the amount of people who enter this school's thread I should be able to tell that it's not very popular.</p>

<p>CC is used mostly for Ivy league... so dont base its prestige on a worthless website......</p>

<p>I agree with Nathan......a fellow ND guy....... its pretty isolated....... Crappy Northwest weather... expect rain sleet snow daily for most of the academic calender... Id look into though... a lot of my friends have gone there</p>

<p>good lujc</p>

<p>The son of a friend graduated from Gonzaga and then went on to graduate from U of Oregon Law School. He liked so much his sister is now happily attending Gonzaga.</p>

<p>I went to visit Gonzaga in October and loved it. I stayed in the dorm with a host student for a night, went to a class and had an interview with the Dean of Admissions, and stayed with friends the next night. </p>

<p>The one thing that's not great about Gonzaga is Spokane..it's not the most interesting town that I've ever seen! I mean it's small and pretty cute..a lot of vintage-y stores, there's a huge ice skating rink where they're holding the national championships this year, lots of cute and good restaurants, etc.</p>

<p>Campus was beautiful when I visited because it was in October and fall had turned all of the leaves a golden/red mix. </p>

<p>I wasn't too impressed with the dorms, but then again dorms are pretty much dorms. The food kind of sucked, but they had a cool student center called the COG (center of Gonzaga). The classrooms were nice and the professor whose class I sat in on was great, and took time to answer my questions afterwards. The Dean was really nice and helpful, and seemed genuinely interested in getting me to "like" Gonzaga.</p>

<p>Overall it was a nice school and it has pretty strong academic programs, especially in buisness. Not to mention an amazing study abroad program in Florence, as well as ones in many other countries.</p>

<p>But it's COLD.</p>

<p>I've been to Spokane a million times to visit family, and I can honestly say that I love it there.
It is an up-and-coming city, but unfortunatley it lacks much diversity.
Gonzaga itself is beautiful and I just received news of my acceptance plus a scholarship.
It is very likely that I will go there and I am excited to cheer on the zags!</p>