what is more competitive?

<p>Finishing your pre-reqs for your major? Or completing IGETC?</p>

<p>Based on my schedule this summer and fall, I will either be:</p>

<p>2 classes short of IGETC certification (will still be finished by Spring before transfer, the 2 classes being mathematics and a lab science) while being done with ALL prereqs by end of Fall, </p>


<p>short 1 pre-req and short 1 IGETC requirement by Fall.</p>

<p>It seems that is is better to have ALL of your prereqs done rather than being short 1 prereq AND short 1 IGETC requirement, but I just wanted to make sure...</p>

<p>I am applying to some UC's as a history major, not sure how competitive this makes me. GPA is 3.0 may not be eligible for TAG.</p>

<p>Finish Pre-reqs by fall and do igetc by spring . IGETC classes often are gpa booster though... </p>

<p>But general rule of thumb pre-reqs over igetc i would say. 3.0 gpa is fine for TAG just check what classes and requirement there are for your major at specific U.C's</p>

<p>thanks, but my first choice school is UCSB and they require that you have your math done by Fall 2010 for Fall 2011 admission. I probably won't get to complete math until spring, so that's gonna keep me from signing a TAG. </p>

<p>Such a bummer...one class away!</p>