What is my chance of transfer into IU South Bend?

I am an international student and I want to transfer to IU South Bend to study BFA in New Media. 
I went to high school for two years in Oklahoma but I had a lot happen with relationships and bullying in my last year of high school, I end up with a 3.45 GPA in high school for my Freshman and Sophomore year. 
Then, I transferred to Seattle Central College as a college bridge student (WA is the only state that student could go to CC without a high school diploma). I am planning to take the GED in Aug or Sep because I need an equivalent HS degree to transfer to U. My GPA in College is 3.5 now and I will have up to 24 semester credits, but I had 3 "W" in my transcripts of second quarter because I was really sick and I had to drop all of them. 
Now I am very concerned about my "W"s and the high school GPA. Please help me find out that what is my chance of transfer into IU South Bend?
Thank yall for reading this. I am really appreciated. ❤️

Have you looked at the admission requirements for IU at South Bend? They are not nearly as difficult as the Main IU campus in Bloomington. These regional campuses take students who might not have the same level of academics as the main campuses. Call admissions for the South Bend campus and ask them what you would need to do for admissions. They can best tell you what you will need based on your current situation.