What is my chance to get an early action offer from MIT?

Hey guys, I’m in the process of the early action application for MIT.

I’m an international student and have studied in the US since 9th grade.

I got all of my scores as the following:

two ACT scores:
composite (english, math, reading, science): 31 (29, 36, 26, 33) and 32 (33, 34, 31, 30)

three SAT subject test:
physics in 2014: 750
math level 2 in 2015: 800
chemistry in 2016: 780

AP scores:
calculus bc: 5
chemistry: 5
music theory: 5
us history: 4

My GPA of the last three years are all above 4 and increasing. And I took all AP classes in my school except AP languages.

I also attended AMC 10 (94.5) and 12 (82.5) but did not get into AIME.

I once took an MIT online course and got the certificate.

Do you think I can get an offer from MIT?

Regarding extracurricular activities, I have a nonprofit program helping kids in poor families. And I contribute to the Math club at our school, play the piano and compose music (I sent in a composition as a supplement). I also mentioned my idea of conducting a very specific experiment in my essay and my interview.

You’re not an international student since you did high school in America. That will give you better chances.

MIT superscores so yours is a 33.25. Are you retaking the act? If you could pull an extra point anywhere, you’ll have a 34.

Chances are always slim at MIT.

I think your composition is interesting.

Your application as a whole is below average for a MIT applicant. Chances are slim, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

Be sure to keep some safeties in your mix.

I may not have time for another ACT. Since I am a female, will the acceptance rate be a little higher? In addition to the music part, I have an idea to experiment and compose music that could possibly cure diseases.

Which major specifically are you looking into? And do you have any experience researching this idea of yours?

I may choose MIT’s department of brain and cognitive science, but I also want to try engineering. I planned to conduct an experiment about which type of music could enhance people’s work efficiency this summer, but I failed to find enough people to experiment.