What is my chance?

<p>I am an International student with no need for Financial Aid
And I am wondering what's my chance for ED Swarthmore.</p>

<p>SAT I:

<p>SAT II:
800 IIC
740 Physics
700 Bio
700 US History
600 Writing (I know it's really low, but...)</p>

<p>TOEFL: 283</p>

<p>AP Euro 4
Self studied APs during junior year:Calc BC 5,Physics B 5,US History 5,Chem 4
Plan to self study AP Stat, Phyics C, Econs, Psyc, Bio and Government this year</p>

<p>Great EXCs (except sports)
Great Recs</p>

<p>THanks in advance!

<p>My goodness, you're a machine. I think it goes without saying that you've got a good change (except for the int'l thing..)</p>

<p>Your SAT verbal is on the low side..lower than the 25th percentile at Swarthmore but Swarthmore admissions is not numbers driven. Your not wanting aid is a plus since I think Swarthmore is not need-blind for internationals (although Swarthmore does give aid to 57% of the international population). You have to show a strong interest in your application in the college and why you want to study there. The 'Why Swarthmore' essay must be well thought out and well-written.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>thanks a lot :-)</p>