What is my IIC score?

<p>What would a 6 wrong and 2 omitted scale to for the Math IIC? This is out of Barron's and is the 3rd model test. Thanks.</p>

<p>42 -(6*.25) = 42 - 1.5 = 40.5 = 41</p>

<p>Maybe a 780??</p>

<p>WAT! 41 gives u 780!!!! shouldn't it give like 690 ish!!!!!>???>?>?>? How generous is the curve?</p>

<p>It's out of 50, if the tests vary at all.</p>

<p>yea.. thats about right. u can get a raw score of 43 and still get an 800.
but geez, if youre getting 6 wrong and 2 omits for barrons, then youre gonna get 800 on the real thing, cuz barrons is super hard</p>

<p>Yea the curve is so good for the IIC, and if you can get that high on barrons...wow.
I got like 35s in Barrons and got 800 on the real thing.</p>