What is my major?

I’m filling out my CSU application for Spring 2021. In the section where you list the colleges you’ve attended, you also need to say what degrees you earned, including your majors and minors. Well, at the community college that I attended, I don’t recall declaring any type of major/minor. I simply had a plan to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

During my time at Community College, I earned an Associate’s of Science for Transfer in Mathematics because lots of math was completed on my path to transferring, so I completed the degree coincidentally. I also completed a similar amount of Computer Science classes to preemptively meet University requirements, but received no degree.

If you were to ask me, my major is Computer Science. The problem is that I don’t know what the CSU application means when it asks for my major. I’m worried that it is improper to say that I’ve obtained an AS-T in Mathematics only to list my Major as Computer Science. I currently have my major for the degree listed as Mathematics, but I want to change it to Computer Science as that is the program that I’m applying to transfer into.

Should I list my major as Mathematics because that’s the degree I received, or should I list my major as Computer Science because that is my broader educational goal? Am I misunderstanding the concept of majors/minors completely?

What does your diploma say?

I never received a diploma…

However I messaged my school’s counseling office to confirm that I actually completed the AST, and they said that I did. So does my transcript. Here’s what my transcript says:

Awarded: Associate in Science Transfer”

… and no mention of major or minor. However there is another line that says:

Program: Mathematics (AS-T)”

I decided to submit my application by listing the major as Mathematics. It doesn’t feel right to me because my goal has been Computer Science from the very start, but everything points to the correct major when speaking about the AS-T to be Mathematics. Needless to say, I wish I pursued an AS-T in Computer Science instead, but I trusted my counselor’s advice at the time. I will just treat my transfer as a major change.

I would still appreciate if anyone has more insight as to how college’s view the term “major”. Thank you.

Your overthinking this. You’re not changing your major, you’re simply applying to CSU as a computer science major. Your major at the community college is irrelevant. Plenty of kids apply without even completing their associates degree. The important factors in admissions are your GPA and if you’ve completed the prerequisites for computer science

u are definitely overthinking. i literally don’t think it matters what your ‘major’ is as long as you finished the pre reqs. what CSU do you want to transfer to? look up their pre reqs for CS (there WILL most likely be some) and base it off of that. colleges most of the time just want to know your intended major.