What is on the transcript?

<p>So wat things are on the transcript? Your high school grades and the number of credits u recieved? When you apply to colleges does your permanent record get sent too?</p>

<p>Usually your transcript has the courses you took (including their designation as honors, AP, IB, etc.), your grades received in the courses, and the number of credits earned. The transcript that my high school sends out also has your weighted GPA, your class rank, and your class size.</p>

<p>bball16, consider asking your guidance counselor to print off an "unofficial" copy of your transcript for you to review for errors and content. Some schools include PSAT and SAT scores on the transcript (several cc threads from folks upset about this practice). At my S's school PSAT, SAT, class rank, GPA, courses, grades and school based ECs were included. S. found several errors on his transcript.</p>

<p>What's on the transcript varies from school system to school system. For example, in our school system, only the final grade a student received in a course is listed; marking period grades and final exam grades appear only on report cards, not on the transcript. Our school system lists attendance and community service hours but not SAT scores or school-based extracurricular activities on the transcript. Other school systems do it differently.</p>

<p>daffymom had a good idea. It's easy to get an unofficial transcript at the guidance office. You could go get one on Monday.</p>