what is online college algebra like?

So If you’ve read my other posts you would know the struggle I’m currently having in AP chem and AP Calc… :-S

I decided to stick with AP chem cause I’m technically passing it and am now in the process of trying to drop AP calculus (I got a D first quarter).

Since my school requires I take a math every year, my plan is to take college algebra through my school’s dual enrollment program. Problem is, I’ve never taken an online college course, especially not a math one.

So has anyone here taken online college algebra or a similar online math class? Whats it like?

“College algebra” usually refers to a lower level (in a college context) math course that covers what high school precalculus does, though it may not necessarily include trigonometry. Unless you did poorly in high school precalculus, or your high school’s precalculus course was of low quality, it would not be a particularly worthwhile course to take.

If you dont mind me asking, what do you recommend I take? My school offers other math dual enrollment classes I can possibly consider such as math for liberal arts,trig, pre-calculus, and stats.

If those are your only choices, stats.

It depends on what you plan to major in and what colleges you are looking at will accept in transfer. For my son college algebra would have been fine. He went through calculus in HS but didn’t take the AP exam. His school required him to have a math for his major but college algebra was all that was needed. He is taking that now to get an A and meet the requirement. Think about that so you take something that has a good chance of transferring. If you are going to be an engineer probably stats would be the better option.

If those are your choices, statistics would likely be the most useful, since it would not look like you are repeating high school precalculus (assuming that you have not had high school AP statistics) or going backward from high school AP calculus, and knowledge of statistics is helpful in many college majors.

If you want to check your knowledge of precalculus concepts, you can try this quiz: http://www.math.buffalo.edu/rur/rurci3.cgi .

How easy or hard it is depends on who wrote the program. If it is Pierson, run, it’s trouble. I agree with taking stats or trig.

Yes, I agree with stats too. It’s more useful, not that hard, and will look better than college algebra which is basically pre-calc