What is Penn known for?

<p>my friends have been interested in goin here...what is the school known for? im lookin to get into either engineering or medicine...is Penn a good choice?</p>

<p>Penn has phenomenal programs in most anything, even though it is most known for it's business school (Wharton). I, however, am also interested in engineering and medicine, so I applied to their bioengineering program (the first established bioengineering program in the country), which also happens to be very accomodating to premeds. If you're interested in management as well, the LSM option could also be a good choice.</p>

<p>At the undergraduate level, Penn is most known for its #1-rated Business (Wharton) and Nursing programs. In addition, it has elite departments in a number of other areas such as History, English, Anthropology, Linguistics, a number of language study programs, Economics, Sociology, Religion, Music and a number of others.</p>

<p>Moving on to the graduate level, Penn is even more impressive. Top 3 programs in Medicine (which is what you're interested in), Business, Nursing. Typically Top 5 programs in Design & Fine Arts, Veterinary Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Communications. Top 10 Law and Arts & Sciences schools as well. Aside from academics, it is also an elite research center in a number of fields.</p>

<p>As far as studying in preparation for Med School, Penn is excellent. I hear that placement is good as well, although I'm not very familiar with it. Hope this helped at all.</p>