What is rolling admission?

<p>What is rolling admission?
what is the difference between that and regular admission?</p>

<p>An example is U-Mich Ann Arbor's process. If you were to send in your complete app today, it would get read and decided upon as soon as reasonable (according to their procedures). This contrasts w/many school's regular admissions programs that have a distinct application deadline (mostly Jan 1) and have a distinct reply date (~April 15). </p>

<p>I happened to apply to UM and had my acceptance in November of my Senior year. It made applying to some more selective schools somewhat easier knowing that I had U-M "in the pocket".</p>

<p>So they admit you on a first come first serve basis?</p>

<p>Basically they do. Also, some schools change the criteria as time goes on and they fill up, making it harder to get in.</p>