What is safety like on campus?

I did not see many blue lights around campus nor did they talk about safety on the tour so I am just curious…

They talk about safety if you ask about it, but you didn’t ask. :wink:

I found the campus very safe. It’s a campus with 25,000+ students on it, so it’s wise to treat it as you would any compact environment - be savvy. If you go to a party, go with a group, and leave with them - don’t leave any group members behind on their own. Late at night, they offer an escort service, where you can have security staff (who are students with special training who work security) walk you home (and people really use this service, it’s not just for show), there are free buses that connect different points on campus and the campus to the surrounding area that you can take, etc. The dorms have tight security - you can’t get in without either living there or having someone who lives there sign you in with dorm security.