What is 'Score Choice'????

<p>I took SAT first in May and then in October. In each of the section, I got far better scores in October than May. </p>

<p>Website of some schools such as Yale, Stanford etc. say that they reject the 'Score Choice' as offered by the collegeboard and they require SAT results from each of test standings. </p>

<p>Does this mean that as an applicant to Yale, I must send both my May and October scores, even though my highest scores across all sections are from October only?
Or is it that I am okay with sending the October test standing only? Thank you. Good day.</p>

<p>Those and a number of other colleges require you to send all SAT scores. All means all. </p>

<p>As to the mechanics: when you order any score sent by College Board, it automatically sends to the college all recent and past scores it has for you unless you exercise score choice. You exercise score choice by unchecking a score when you order scores sent and that unchecking results in that particular score not being sent. Thus, what Yale, Stanford and others say you should do is keep your finger off the mouse and don't uncheck any test score.</p>

<p>Thank you. Though I don't feel like sending May SAT scores coz my Oct SAT scores are like 300 points greater than May scores. Will Yale and Stanford find out that I am cheating?</p>