What is the "academic service fee"

<p>Just got the Tulane bill and "Academic Service Fee" for $1,300.00 is for? Anybody??</p>

<p>From the accounts receivable webpage:</p>

<p>Academic Support Services Fee - The Academic Support Services Fee provides certain academic resources to all Tulane students. The fee enables students to have access to the University's computer services, data, voice, and internet hook-ups, including those services provided by all outside vendors. In addition, tutoring and counseling services, on-line library, inter loan services and other support services, such as, the language and science laboratories, are covered by this fee. </p>

<p>Tulane</a> University Accounts Receivable</p>

<p>I was surprised that the bills were posted on a Saturday.....</p>

<p>Thank you. I tried to get some information on the TU website, but couldn't find anything. Wasn't expecting an additional $1,300.00 on top of the tuition. LOL. But whatcha gonna do?</p>

<p>It'd like shipping and handling: extra profit.</p>

<p>You'll see lots of added fees-- activity fees, lab fees, health fee (even if you have your own health insurance, this is another separate fee for the infirmary) etc. This isn't specific to TU. These add on fees are at most schools-- but the amounts vary.</p>

<p>Yes, I cannot remember ever looking at a college that didn't have some fees that were mandatory but not rolled into tuition. However, it is true that Tulane is higher than most. But this is why most college review resources cite "tuition and fees" instead of just tuition, or the total COA, although that varies by dorm for most schools, amount of travel involved, etc.</p>

<p>I was surprised to see a fee for Ebio and Chem labs. I thought they were covered by Academic Service Fee.</p>

<p>We just returned from a resort in Albuquerque and paid the hotel's "resort fee." When I returned my car, on time, at the end of the lease, I paid a "return fee." Marketing 101 but it still makes me feel manipulated.</p>

<p>I know, it seems so nickel and dime after so much money already. Wait until jym gives us an earful about dorm damage fees!</p>