What is the "Advising and Orientation Session"?

<p>the UW page said
"You have not yet been assigned an Advising and Orientation session. If you have already submitted a request you should receive a confirmation in the mail soon. If you have not already done so, you should request a session as soon as possible."</p>

<p>what is it exactly?</p>


<p>From the UW</a> website:</p>

<pre><code>* Register for your first quarter classes.
* Take part in academic advising and class registration.
* Meet other entering students as well as current students on our staff known as Orientation Leaders.
* Talk with UW staff including academic advisers.
* Learn about degree requirements and the registration process.
* Get a preview of all the opportunities that await you.

<p>It sounds like you've already confirmed enrollment. A&O is essentially Freshmen orientation, AKA the 'What the hell do I do now to become a student?' seminar.</p>