What is the answer?

<p>Y1o1u1r2s4 s3i3t5e2 m2o5n5o4 m2i5t3.</p>


<p>If you figure out this complex problem let me know.</p>

<p>Yours site mono mit?</p>

<p>All your base are belong to us.</p>

<p>nope :-). Its pretty easy crypography.</p>

<p>You rem sit so on i...?</p>

<p>nope :-). Believe me, there is an answer. When you decifer the message, you will understand the riddle.</p>

<p>Youre missin oot - you're missing out? Blah, I feel like a fifth grader again. =) I'm too lazy to count the letters if you're supposed to do any counting.</p>

<p>haha, no counting. Think binary code.</p>

<p>A chair? Perhaps a stool?</p>

<p>Very nice pookdogg. I was looking for something else (a part of the body). Congrats... no prize, just the praise ndbisme shines upon you :-).</p>

<p>"Numero Deus impari gaudet" :)</p>

<p>Hey Xiggi! What does gaudet mean? :-) You all might recognize the riddle (if you've figured it out like pookdogg) from the James Bond movie.</p>

<p>You sit on it? Your a$$?</p>

<p>"Numero Deus impari gaudet"</p>

<p>The latin Gaudet translates to please, as in The odd numbers please the gods, or God likes odd numbers. </p>

<p>It's just an additional reference to the fact that only 1, 3, and 5 yield an answer when using the binary codes.</p>

<p>hehehehe. Nice Xiggi :-). Hope all's going well at McKenna!</p>

<p>OMFG!!!!11..I am t3h 1337 numb0r h4X0r!!!one11!</p>