What is the average amount of grants that in-staters get?

<p>that's my question</p>

<p>b u m p</p>

<p>Isn't that extremely relative to your financial situation? I don't think there is an "average" amount of grants.</p>

<p>Yeah, you're question is very vague. Depending on your EFC, you could get a federal pell grant. You generally have to be poor, or a graduate student with good ideas, to get grants.</p>

<p>More info please?</p>

<p>Last year my EFC was 25k and I obviously got nothing. This year my EFC is 15k and I was awarded the michigan grant and an economic hardship grant, totaling about 3k in grants-- plus work study, subidized stafford loans, a small perkins loan, and a small unsubsidized stafford loan-- totaling about 13k in aid, all but around 5.5k in loans. I'm considering having a party.</p>

<p>you gotta be needy, well more needy then average.</p>