What is the best dorm?

<p>I was just wondering what is the best dorm to room in during freshman year? and whats the second best. thanks</p>

<p>I posted this in response to your other post in another thread.....</p>

<p>Well that is a matter of what you want, GW has dorms (or now known as 'Houses') of all types. This year it is mostly focused on Potomac House (a brand new dorm for our class) and Thurston the classic dorm for freshman. Thurston holds over a thousand freshman and thus is party central on campus, but for some that just doesn't work. Visiting in between the dorms is easy as anyone can just sign you in. The vern is the other campus of GW that undergrads live at and it has a normal classic college feel with the trees and hills, also the dorms there are VERY nice, but the campus is a bus trip away from Foggy Bottom. I encourage you to visit and welcome to GW!</p>

<p>Is the Potomac house a freshmen class dorm? Or is it open to all undergrads?</p>

<p>It's all freshmen. And if I were choosing, I'd totally go for Potomac House.</p>

<p>What's so nice about Potomac House? Is it only for some freshman in certain programs?</p>

<p>I'm fairly certain that Potomac House will be open to all freshmen. You can call housing at 202-994-2552 to get exact details of the room configurations.</p>

<p>I don't know if Hova will still be around next year, but if you don't like partying, go there. My roommates and I were all ultra-serious about school and we loved Hova :-)</p>

<p>Are there areas of Thurston that aren't 24/7 partying? Or is it not as wild as I'm thinking?</p>

<p>It's not as wild as you think. People just play-up the stereotype.</p>

<p>HOVA will be open to graduate students next year, so I am not sure how much partying they will be doing.</p>

<p>From waht I've been told the whole freshman housing system has been revamped this year. You don't so much choose a dorm, as choose an area of interest. Potomac house is for those interested in the Arts (dance, acting, visual arts, culinary arts). So if you're not at all interested in those areas or hanging around with people interested in those areas, I don't think you'd want Potomac house even if it is new. I was told that LLCs will be formed by the residents of the dorms once school starts and they will most likely follow along the lines of the dorm's house theme. Thurston's themes are politics, law, public policy etc. Look on the website under housing and you'll find the house themes.</p>

<p>Also be aware that just because one building houses a particular interest, doesn't mean they're all majors in that field. You could be a biology major with an interesting in visual arts. So no matter what you choose, you'll still have the opportunity to meet new people with differing interests, majors and personalities.</p>

<p>Do all the rooms have a shower?? When I visited, that's what they made it seem like...(they showed us a room w/ a shower and didn't really expand on the other dorms)</p>

Thurston--Classic College Dorm (the place is freaken CRAZY, man! It is!)
Potomac House--(Will be running in the fall...it's going be a nice place!)
Madison--(for Freshman althelties and transfers, ghetto, but fun!)
Fulbright--Little Kithchens for Freshies...hehe!
Lafytette--For the SMART kids!
Vern--Somers, Pelham, Cole, Hensley--Cool, but you gotta take a shuttle back and forth between campuses.</p>

<p>Can any current GW student tell me about the shower thing? (posted above)</p>

<p>Hey dearie,
All those places I listed, have private showers. You're gonna just fine! Welcome to G-Dub!</p>

<p>i don't know if i'm going to GW yet, and I will probably be deciding on May 1st. If I decided to come and sent my housing request form in on May 1st, would i be totally screwed and have to live half way across town?</p>

<p>same question for me (above)</p>

<p>If I were ya'll, I would just call housing and see if you can get an extention.</p>

<p>Housing will not close until July, so do not worry about when you send your deposit in.</p>