What is the best school for agriculture communication/journlism?

What is the best school for agriculture communication/journalism?

Texas A&M…#1 from rankings, etc. and noted by students there…

Two others from my perspective not influenced by rankings numbers:
Purdue (small departments, dedicated staff, excellent programs, multiple student pubs, located within agriculture)
Kansas (involved in the ag comm world [conferences, presentations, research, etc.], also good location, good placement opportunities)

Don’t bother? Mine…PM me if you want to know where…too much emphasis on “leadership development”…great if that’s for you and if you loved going to conferences and LDEs in FFA/4-H or student government, or if your “popularity” or “namesake” matter to you…not enough emphasis on writing or reach where I am…I don’t understand why this is as video, social media, design, etc. sucks if you don’t have the writing backbone.

I know you posted this almost two months ago but I hope I could help…

Michigan State!!

I’m just seeing this, but thank you!!! Purdue has been on my list

Wow, way to cut most of my message… I guess there’s a limit?