What is the best way to study for Humanities and algebra CLEP?

Hello, everyone!
I am going to FINALLY finish my requirements needed to attain my Bachelors degree in organizational management at Nyack college. It has been a long road. Too long. I started school at John Jay college in 2007, transferred to York college in 2009, got injured, and am now trying to finish up this degree at Nyack college since 2015. My adviser told me about CLEP exams, AIT courses, DSST tests, and some kind of portfolio assessment thing.i chose the CLEP because it seems to be the quickest i can wrap this up. I did 10 FEMA tests to get some easy credits, and now i have arrived at the tough stuff.

I am need for classes in math and fine arts, so will be taking the math and Humanities CLEP. The humanities one i will do first. I have the most basic, average knowledge of anything within the scope of this subject, while i was always poor with math. ALWAYS. What is the best material to study with for these tests? I see the recommended material to use on the collegeboard.com, but which one?

I am not good at studying for anything, so it would be great if i can rely on one piece of material. Is there one source like a textbook or website that is good enough? Or will i definitely need to use multiple things? The thought of scouring books and web sources for information on a test that i do not know the specifics of TERRIFIES me. I see that general areas of knowledge are given, but those are large chunks of subject matter. Do i just try and remember everything?
I am starting off with humanities first; what should i use to study? And then for the algebra CLEP? I am making sure i study up before i even purchase the tests.

Thanks for any advice that i do or don’t get. God bless all!

@BIGMAN88 Humanities is a bit tough because it encompasses soooo much. I kind of made a separate guide for each section - Art, Music, Architecture, Literature, Philosophy - and then wrote down the major movements and the major players in each movement. This site might help you too! http://www.free-clep-prep.com/Humanities-CLEP.html

I Ann looking at this site right now.

Elohim bless you, rebeccar.

I took the humanities CLEP and passed with a 55. I expected to score higher. I had a strong foundation in art history, music, and literature, due to my school subjects/personal interests. I would recommend studying the major movements of art, literature, music, and philosophy. Be familiar with more ‘obscure’ humanities as well. I remember the test asking about architecture, film, and dance, which I was not expecting. You should also study the art and culture of minority groups. A few of the questions asked about Native American and African art.