what is the city like?

<p>what is santa fe the city like? how big is it... is there enough to do off campus? what is the general vibe one gets from the city? do sjc students fit into the community?</p>

<p>Santa Fe is in no way, shape, or form a college town. Keep that in mind at all times. There are things to do if you keep your eyes open, although specific events aimed at a college-going demographic are few and far between. For example, while I was there, Bob Weir stopped by... but one had to go to Albuquerque to see 311 and Atmosphere and Denver to see Sigur Ros and Tool (which, understandably, no one did; it's quite a trek to get up there and back). </p>

<p>I personally got a vibe of suburban sprawl and stuff aimed at aging hippies who somehow made some money, which is a good deal of why I decided to transfer to Annapolis. It takes a while to get into town if you don't have a car and once you're there, there's not much to do... unless you can somehow get to Cerillos Road, which has a Target. </p>

<p>To be fair, a lot of students love Santa Fe. It just didn't mesh with me all that well.</p>

<p>I loved visiting Santa Fe. I am sure I will like it a lot there. It is very diverse and seems fun. I love going hiking, so that's what I'll be doing a lot of (I hope). I will attend SJC in Santa Fe in two weeks (woot, woot). </p>

<p>I come from a small, southern town in Arkansas. Santa Fe is twice as big. I can find a ton of things to do here, so surely I will find something to do there. I am pretty easy to please, though. </p>

<p>I didn't like Annapolis. It was just a lot of old, white, rich peopel with little diversity (that's the vibe I got, anyway). </p>

<p>By the way, I would definitely make the trek to see Tool...I saw them during the summer before 8th grade, which was too long ago (over 5 years).</p>

<p>I almost saw Tool, but they sold out before anyone I knew (including myself) could get tickets. I also would have missed lab class the next day, which I really didn't want to do for various reasons. Just a tip: don't max out your absences unless you absolutely have to. You'll see what I mean when you get there.</p>