What is the correct protocol

<p>for the schools that you know that you are not going to attend? When should you let them know? My contention is as soon as possible - so that any merit money can be released for other kids. How have you all handled this?</p>

<p>If you know for sure, you send them a note declining their offer, or do so on line if that is the way the school does it. There are people on the wait list who will thank you. Interestingly, one of DD's schools last year had no way to decline. Even when she sent a note, they kept sending her orientation information. But you can try.</p>

<p>Ok thanks. With #1 son, that is what we did. And - like your DD, OSU kept sending the orientation stuff.</p>

<p>I applied to three schools. They kept calling me and asking me if I was still interested. Once I had decided where I was going to attend, I told each college that I was not planning on attending when they called. They then proceeded to ask me where I would be attending. They left me alone after that.</p>

<p>All of my d's schools either had cards to mail back accepting or declining the offer of admission or online pages to accept or decline. She returned all of them once she had made her decision in April.</p>

<p>After we sent in deposits and paperwork to the school she wants, and recieved the final confirmations, the kid called the other schools to let them know she declined their offers. Merit money was included, so we thought it best to let them free up the spots and the money.</p>

<p>1 school asked where she would be attending. 2 other schools basically said whatever...if we don't receive the deposit by May 1, they'll take her off. Another 1 ignored her- lol. And we received 1 more acceptance with merit this week. She'll let them know in about a week that she won't be attending. It was her 2nd choice school and darn if they didn't shove a nice merit package at her lol.</p>