What is the difference between a CSU and a UC?

<p>I've heard that degrees from CSU's are more directed towards teachers, while degrees from UC's are for those aiming for doctorates. Is this true? My goal is to become a doctor, but looking at my stats as a senior, I'll probably only make it to a CSU. Does a major in Biology or Humanities in a CSU, differ from a major in Biology or Humanities in a UC? </p>

<p>Well - without your stats it is tough to give concrete advice but, it’s kind of a mute point, isn’t it?</p>

<p>If you can’t get into a UC, you won’t be going there next year.</p>

<p>Go the the best school that will take you, do your best and see where that leads. (note, best is really subjective - find one where you feel you can excel)</p>

<p>Going to a CSU is not a sentence to a life of mediocrity. There are millions of CSU grads living productive lives.</p>

<p>Good luck</p>

<p>UC’s are research universities and are renowned for their STEM majors while CSU’s focus more on liberal arts and other majors like business. Just because a school is a CSU, doesn’t mean it is bad. An example would be Cal State San Luis Obispo, which is more competitive than many of the UC’s.</p>

<p>Medical school do not look at which school you attended. They look at your GPA and MCAT scores. It might be better to go to a CSU because it would be less cut-throat and grades might be more inflated, giving you a better chance at medical school.</p>

<p>In terms of academics, I think UC’s give more opportunities for science majors, but I don’t think it makes a difference academic wise. It is also more important what you make of your school, aka get good grades and making it a great experience. </p>

In simple terms:
Student A wants to major in economics
At a CSU: He will learn to be a broker or accountant

At a UC: He will learn the theory of Economics

CSUs prepare you for employment. Not just teachers or humanities either - many have great STEM programs and churn out people who get placed in jobs easily. Internships are commonplace in many CSUs and they tend to lead to employment if you’re good. I think far too often people get worked up over getting into a UC because it seems prestigious but you can get an excellent education that prepares you for a lucrative career at CSUs - and get a better GPA which helps if you’re moving on to grad school. I say save your $ and do CSU first, then if you want/need to go onto grad school, apply to UCs then.

UCs are committed to accept the top 9% of the CA HS seniors. The CSUs are committed to accept the top 25% of the CA HS seniors. (Actually, it used to be top 12.5% and top 33% respectively, and has changed slightly. My numbers are a guestimate).