What is the difference between SL and HL in IB subjects?

I’ve heard that HL students have additional lesson time compared to the SL students, but then I have a question: Are HL students easier to apply to better universities? Does choosing HL instead of SL increase my overall grade? For my last question, I want to ask if the HL test is more difficult than SL one. If it is, isn’t it unfair for students who have chosen HL?

I think you should google. This can’t be a real question posted on the internet by someone with the internet.

Sufficiently high HL scores are more likely to be given subject credit or advanced placement by colleges than SL scores.

@Kajimo004 :
what grade/year are you in? (What country)?
Are you considering applying to or joining an IB program?
With what alternative?

IB diploma students take half SL and half HL in general.

You have to take SL before HL. After HL you take the IB exam with the score given can be used as credit. Both SL & HL you get a high school grade from a 5.0 and not a 4.0

HL is the higher level and SL is the standard level. You must take both of them to be awarded the diploma (based on the criterion to acquire the diploma). HL are looked at more favorably due to its rigor by colleges, however, SL subjects are still required and still can warrant you ability to get into Unis. SLs and HLs are both important, but take HL classes with those that you excel in, so that you can score well on the harder exams.

Hello Kajimo004,

HL (Higher Level) and SL (Standard Level) have the same core and goal. However, HL, is more detailed and comprehensive. SL on the other hand is an overview and is pretty basic.

SL requires at least 150 hours of instructional time and HL requires at least 240 hours. Therefore, it’s pretty clear that HL requires more time and devotion. Universities usually prefer HL students because they have more knowledge about the subject which makes it more valuable. Also, you should opt for subjects at HL which you think will help you in the future/field. It’s not unfair for HL students. They are rewarded in the long run.
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