What is the ED admit rate for unhooked students?

Trying to figure out the ED versus RD admit rate. of course if you just look at numbers the ED Admit rate seems drastically higher. But what is it when you subtract out all the recruits athletes, Questbridge and other special groups? thanks.

Not a single college would tell you precisely (or even vaguely). However, you can judge yourself by their actions. Almost all these colleges fill more than half (and a few as many as three quarters) of their freshman classes with ED (ED1 and ED2 combined) admits. Colleges are incentivized to admit ED applicants for both higher yield and lower cost of financial aid, among other things.

Yes, don’t expect these figures to come from admissions office. Crowd sourcing from those who might have a sense for number of athletes etc and can extrapolate.

I’ll offer at least a guest by taking out the athletes. Supposedly almost a third of Williams students are athletes, but I’d say about 25% are playing “recruitable” sports. And about 75% of those commits will apply ED. So 550*.25*.75=103 athletes who get in ED. They also make up 103 applications. According to the common data set, Williams had 634 applications for 249 ED spots. So the acceptance rate without athletes would be 146/531 = 27.5%. Hope that helps - albeit for next year.

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