What is the ideal or average score on MC, FRQ, and DBQs?

Have been wondering…</p>

For AP USH btw</p>

My teacher said around 50% on MC and 5s on FRQ and DBQs…but idk</p>

I feel like I should be getting a 2 on this exam…I’ve been getting an average 44-47/80 on practice exams and 6s-7s on the FRQ and DBQs</p>

[AP</a> Pass - AP Us Calculator](<a href=“http://appass.com/calculators/us]AP”>http://appass.com/calculators/us)</p>

I found that link very helpful when I was worrying about different AP score combinations.</p>

You might be relieved to know that, after plugging in the lowest scores in the ranges you gave, you would receive a 4 on the exam, and in fact be right on the borderline between 4 and 5.</p>

Although the calculator is great, the college board has projected a 5 for this year’s test to be above 119 points, not 111.</p>

^where did you hear that?</p>

eff the college board</p>

@swishbig +1!</p>