What is the Kelley Momentum Innovator Scholarship?

So I was checking my financial aid in One.iu and it said I received a $5000 scholarship for Kelley Momentum Innovator Schl. I have never heard of this before and I did not receive an email or letter for it. I also cant find anything about it on google. Is this part of the SSA or am I missing something? Is this a legit 5k I can take home and renew for 4 years, and am I already guaranteed to receive it? Thanks for any help!

I think thats a new scholarship that was created this year, one of my friends got it. It’s likely a Kelley departmental scholarship that you were automatically considered for by being a direct admit. now that its in your aid, its your scholarship and i’d bet its renewable. Contact the finaid office though to confirm

Sweet! Thank you.