What is the lowest SAT score for Upenn?

I applied test optional to Penn this year, and to my surprise I was admitted. I was planning on taking the SAT 3-4 times (March, April, May or June, and October). Two of which were SAT school days and two on Saturdays. I studied intensely for the one in March (got canceled), and then I started getting lazy for the ones in June and October because the SAT kept getting canceled.

Because of the COVID pandemic, I was only able to take the one in October. The score I got was not good (1250-1300). btw, I crammed for the one in October (1-week of cramming).

Have you seen anyone get into Penn with a low sat score? If so, what was their score?

All the people who have gotten admitted to Penn with test scores have 1450-1600 on their SAT. I’m nowhere near these scores. I’m scared that I’m not good enough or that I will struggle more than them (people say that college is based on how you do on standardized tests). However, I come from a poor community and I was not exposed to testing materials/tutors, (perhaps this has something to do with my score?).

I’ve been taking SAT practice tests to see if I can improve my score and make me feel better. The highest score I’ve scored was a 1370 SS (super scored).

I’m feeling imposter syndrome right now. Please help!!

what school cas or wharton


I don’t understand. You applied test optional and you are wondering why you got into Penn with a low SAT score?

As for are you smart enough, I was not in the top 10% of my HS graduating class and I did well enough at Penn. Not sure how I got in :slight_smile: but I did well enough when I was there. No one called me out for being dumber than the average Penn student LOL.

Who are these “people”, because they are not correct. There is a correlation between college success and SAT scores, but it’s lower than the correlation with high school grades, and it’s nowhere near 1.0

If you were admitted, the admissions office believes you can succeed. There’s no point in second guessing them - they’ve seen a lot more students go through the process than you, or “people”, have.

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This made me feel better. Thank you for your insight.

Thank you so much. I’m feeling a lot better now.

Stop doubting yourself. You belong at Penn or the ADCOMs would not have selected you.

If your negative feelings persist while at Penn, contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to speak with a counselor. The service is confidential and free. Free,
confidential tutoring is also available through the Weingarten Learning Resources Center.

I would encourage you to contact both CAPS and Weingarten once you arrive on campus as appointments fill up quickly.

FWIW, my child has classmates who were admitted with scores below the 25th percentile. You will be fine.

thank you!