What is the Mac campus like now? Current students?

Mac is one of my son’s top choices and he was admitted EA. He was not able to visit any campuses this year, and he would like to at least set eyes on Mac, even if we just drive around or perhaps walk the periphery of campus. Can any current students provide some insight into how the campus is right now?

Are students living and taking classes on campus?

Are folks permitted to walk around the campus outside?

Check the admissions site. They were offering scheduled in-person tours. My son was also accepted EA, and he and I went around with a tour guide during his Feb break. We couldn’t go inside any buildings, but the guide was very friendly and informative.

Students are on campus. You could also do a self-guided walk around campus if you want.

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Mac has a very nice campus - beautiful buildings, nice layout - it’s compact, but it’s lovely. What’s nice about its size is that the campus (during non-COVID times) feels bustling and electric. Also the campus blends into a beautiful leafy neighborhood full of Victorian homes.