What Is the MCAT Test Like and How Do You Prepare for It?

"… Here are the essential facts to know about the MCAT before signing up to take the test.

What Is the MCAT Like and What Purpose Does It Serve?

The MCAT is designed to assess whether prospective medical students have the conceptual understanding and analytical skills necessary for success in medical school, according to Karen Mitchell, the senior director of admissions testing service with the Association of American Medical Colleges, the organization that creates and administers MCAT exams.

The format and content of the MCAT is informed by input of medical school faculty, medical residents and medical students based on their judgments of what academic preparation ought to be required for medical school, Mitchell adds." …


I think it will be active.
For a very long time I was looking for suitable books when I was preparing for the tests. And so that future students do not spend time on this - I will leave a suitable list of books https://bookkooks.com/best-mcat-prep-books/. They are very well suited for training.
Good luck with the tests and enjoy learning)

Here is what my child who is taking MCAT very soon did.

  1. Buy a complete set of Content Review books (Kaplan, Princeton Review, TBR etc)
  2. Buy complete set of MCAT prep material from AAMC (Practice Tests, Section Banks and Question Packs, Flash cards)
  3. Do content Review after taking necessary pre-requisite courses (general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physics etc).
  4. Take AAMC practice tests, review them and learn from your mistakes.

You can buy MCAT prep books on Amazon.

Thanks for your post .My D is taking soon . I will tell her to review AAMC packages
What about flash cards etc.

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For MCAT, you should give yourself a good 4 months of solid studying.

Get UWorld MCAT, AAMC package, and Khan academy psychology/sociology PDF 300 pages note.

Go through UWorld MCAT first, untimed, learn everything in there.
Then go through AAMC question banks, then section banks, save AAMC FL 1-4 last month.
Go through Khan Psychology/Sociology note, but recommit everything to short memory last 4 days.

That is it.

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If she is National Merit, her reading section will be on par. 128 or higher.
Chem/physics, Biochem/Bio, just go through UWorld.
Commit Khan 300 pages PDF last 4 days will get you to 129/130 range.

BMS cut off is 514, you will get there. Keep trying until you get there. Last shot will be September. If she makes that 514 cutoff by then (may be once, twice, three times or four times), you will get your acceptance on Oct15. First ones in the nation to receive acceptance. My kid took it three times, I know how tough it is. She finally stick to above formula, that was most effect.

Yes, ANKI flashcard decks are useful too. She also used UWorld MCAT during last few weeks before taking MCAT. The AAMC practice tests give a very good indication of real MCAT score since these are the same folks who created it.

Your prep time is limited. It is an active test, so don’t prep it passively.

Watching video, watching someone talk is not too productive. Anki is more active than video. Taking questions more active than Anki. Doing correct type of questions is more active than just doing average commercial prep questions.

Do treat those AAMC stuff like a pot of gold. They showed their hands in this card game. Dissect what hands they show you. Think through their rationale for right answer. But also, perhaps more importantly, know all the concepts that they talked about in the wrong answers. Those wrong answer concepts could easily turn into test questions. Remember, there is a very small roomful of people who came up with these AAMC MCAT questions. Their thinking process is still very human and finite.

If they think like water, be water, my friend.