What is the most crowded/popular major at Stanford?

<p>Ze question is in ze title. :)</p>

<p>Not limited to one btw.</p>

<p>biology, human biology, CS, EE, MS&E, econ, & international relations
None of the humanities majors gets too much love. lol.</p>

<p>I don't personally know, I am sure you can look it up in teh internets, but surprisingly it changes from year to year. For ex. before the dot com bubble burst there were over 200 CS related graduates from one year, but after (the class of 2006) only 80 graduated as CS from one year. CS nevertheless consistently ranks as one of the bigger majors along with econ and premed related majors.</p>

<p>HOWEVER, there ARE more humanities majors than science majors (or that's what i have been told during orientation, and about 70 percent of my dormmates are fuzzies, and about 30 percents are techies. Of course, a lot of humanities majors double major in math or econ or one of the sciences). So i wouldn't agree with "None of the humanities majors gets too much love. lol."</p>

<p>Okay I got revised data for you, it appears there're less engineers than I thought. But AS I SAID, the humanities doesn't get much love at all. :P
gqunit, you must be a junior/senior? techie/fuzzie rate right now more like 60/40, I think.
Most Popular Majors in 2004-2005</p>

<p>Biology or Human Biology
Political Science
International Relations</p>

<p>Or, if you want to look at this bleakly
You have.,
I don't hate the humanities, but there are just not that many jobs if you go for a humanities major.</p>

<p>Degrees Granted in 2007:
Human Biology 167</p>

<p>Biological Sciences 151</p>

<p>Economics 143</p>

<p>Political Science 103</p>

<p>Psychology 102</p>

<p>English 92</p>

<p>International Relations 87</p>

<p>History 71</p>

<p>Computer Science 70</p>

<p>Engineering 62</p>

<p>Mechanical Engineering 59</p>

<p>Management Science and Engineering 56</p>

<p>Electrical Engineering 48</p>

<p>Mathematics 48</p>

<p>Symbolic Systems 44</p>

<p>Communication 36</p>

<p>Public Policy 34</p>

<p>Physics 30</p>

<p>American Studies 26</p>

<p>Sociology 26</p>

<p>Mathematical and Computational Science 24</p>

<p>Earth Systems 23</p>

<p>Science, Technology and Society 22</p>

<p>Art 21</p>

<p>Chemistry 21</p>

<p>Urban Studies 20</p>

<p>Chemical Engineering 16</p>

<p>Music 16</p>

<p>Anthropological Sciences 15</p>

<p>Cultural and Social Anthropology 15</p>

<p>Civil Engineering 14</p>

<p>Film and Media Studies 12</p>

<p>Spanish 10</p>

<p>Classics 9</p>

<p>East Asian Studies 9</p>

<p>Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity 8</p>

<p>Drama 8</p>

<p>Feminist Studies 8</p>

<p>Geological and Environmental Sciences 8</p>

<p>Linguistics 8</p>

<p>Philosophy 8</p>

<p>Religious Studies 8</p>

<p>Humanities 7</p>

<p>German Studies 6</p>

<p>Environmental Engineering 5</p>

<p>Japanese 5</p>

<p>Asian American Studies 4</p>

<p>Comparative Literature 4</p>

<p>French 4</p>

<p>African and African American Studies 3</p>

<p>Chicana and Chicano Studies 3</p>

<p>Individually Designed Major 3</p>

<p>Materials Science and Engineering 3</p>

<p>Slavic Languages and Literatures 3</p>

<p>Archaeology 1</p>

<p>Chinese 1</p>

<p>Individually Designed Major in Engineering 1</p>

<p>Italian 1</p>

<p>Native American Studies 1</p>

<p>Philosophy and Religious Studies 1</p>

<p>School of Earth Sciences Total: 31</p>

<p>School of Engineering Total: 334</p>

<p>School of Humanities and Sciences Total: 1449</p>

<p>University Total: 1814</p>

<p>500</a> Error - The Stanford Daily Online</p>

<p>Are you more or less attractive to the adcom if you demonstrate interest in one of the 'unpopular' majors?</p>

<p>^ like to know this too</p>

<p>I'd say generally no if you take their admission philosphy literally. I have friends to who applied "Israeli studies" to some schools and just straightforward bio to other schools (all of them good schools) and got in Princeton for bio and none of the schools for "Israeli studies." The imporant thing is to demonstrate your depth of commitment/involvement/curiosity in what you want to learn. Unless you are really passionate about "native american studies," don't force it into your app. It won't help.</p>

<p>The conventional wisdom is that it might be a slight tip, but definitely wouldn't be that big a consideration. You shouldn't put some obscure major without showing some type of real interest in it (if the only reasons you're putting it down is to increase your chances) -- ECs, personal activities, honors/awards, essays, etc.</p>

<p>Only nine graduated with Classics? =/ That's the major I want, but I didn't think it was so horribly unpopular. xD</p>

<p>Well, look at it this way - there are 25 majors out of about 60 that are even less popular than Classics.</p>

<p>What I find amazing is that more than half of the degrees granted were in the top 8 majors:</p>

<p>Human Biology 167
Biological Sciences 151
Economics 143
Political Science 103
Psychology 102
English 92
International Relations 87
History 71</p>

<p>Nickel, my son applied as classic major too! with EC showing his passion. Do you know if Stanford stand in par with HYP for classics? thanks</p>

<p>Can anyone tell sth about Mathematical & Computational Science, which is my intended major? I'm swinging between Computer Science and Mathematical and Computational Science.</p>

Nickel, my son applied as classic major too! with EC showing his passion. Do you know if Stanford stand in par with HYP for classics? thanks


<p>Here's the NRC ranking for classics (it's old, but relevant -- and I can't find a Gourman report ranking for it):</p>

<p>1 Harvard 4.79
2 Cal Berkeley 4.77
3 Michigan 4.54
4 Princeton 4.16
5 Yale 4.12
6 Brown 4.10
7 Chicago 4.00
8 Texas 3.92
9 UCLA 3.89
10 Columbia 3.86
11 North Carolina 3.81
12 Cornell 3.73
13 Penn 3.62
14 Bryn Mawr 3.48
15 Duke 3.37
16 Stanford 3.32</p>

<p>So, Stanford seems good in it, but not quite "HYP"-caliber.</p>

<p>^ thanks. did not know Yale was 5th</p>