What is the most important factor when deciding what colleges to apply to

I’m just asking.


It’s not prestige. Your other threads lead me to believe you’re trying to turn yourself into what you think the Ivies want. I think that’s a mistake.

You’re starting your sophomore year of high school. You should be studying subjects you like and participating in activities you enjoy. Make sure you have 4 years of the required core subjects (math, English, history, foreign language, and lab sciences) but fill the rest of your schedule with things you want to learn. When it’s time to look for colleges search for affordable options that offer good programs in the major(s) you’re interested in. Focus on schools that are a good fit for you. It’s okay to apply to reaches, but it’s more important to have a solid list that includes financial and academic matches and safeties.

You must be new to CC. If you read enough posts, it’s obviously “ranking” because of all the people who insist on applying to “Top 20” schools even if they can’t afford them, aren’t in a location they desire to live, don’t have their desired major, etc. etc. Not to mention the schools on their lists are vastly different from one another almost every way except ranking.

But if you want he real answer, it’s a combination of affordability and fit.

There are literally dozens of “most important” factors, depending on who the person is and what they need.

This question is too general and you have no context for your question.