What is the must place to visit?

<p>I'm going to visit Duke next week simply because I'm going to have a too much time left after visiting UNC(sorry! but I like the Tarheels lol)
I plan to be in Duke about 1hr-1.5hr and where do you recommend me to go visit?
I feel like some of you guys aren't going to answer simply because I mentioned UNC.. :(
I love BOTH SCHOOLS@@@</p>

<p>If you just have an hour, you're not going to get to do much. I'd recommend just getting a sampling of campus by walking around West Campus. Maybe some possible stops:
- Great Hall or Bryan Center for lunch
- Perkins library, Gothic Reading Room
- Chapel
- Gardens (if you have time)
- Cameron Indoor Stadium
- Wilson Gym</p>

<p>That kind of thing. Have fun, and I'm sorry that you're going to realize how superior Duke's campus is after you've already committed to UNC.</p>