What is the name of this profession?

<p>I'm a rising senior in high school and I've been thinking of what I may want to do as a career. I'm fascinated by science, specifically biology, and have a natural talent for writing. I want a career in which I would compile research from difference scientists, and possible some of my own, into a "dumbed down" version for the general public to read in an article. Or possible a person who presents scientific discoveries to other professionals in a presentation type thing. Does anyone know what this job or something like it would be called? Can you suggest any other careers I could research that involve both science and writing?</p>

<p>Also, I want to go to UChicago. Does this univeristy have what I am looking for? What kind of major/minor would I need?</p>

<p>Science Writer.</p>

<p>You mean you want to be the biology equivalent of Martin Gardner? (Martin</a> Gardner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Gardner did go to the University of Chicago, and there are many people at Chicago who do similar things. I think you would fit in quite well.</p>

<p>This post really caught my eye. I think this is something that I would also like to do. What is the demand for such a job like nowadays?</p>