What is the National Society of High School Scholars

<p>Is it legit? And what does an "invitation" from them mean?</p>

<p>or is it like the book of "who's who" crap?</p>

<p>It's crap like the Who's who. Pay money and have your name put on a list that no one will ever search or care about.</p>

<p>They're somewhat different than the typical 'out your name in a book and buy the book' companies. But they appear to want a membership fee so I'd skip it. They also appear to link to a number of scholarships that would be available even if one weren't a 'member' of this organization. I remember my kids getting this particular one (I remember the 'Nobel' name) and I skipped it as soon as I saw they wanted a fee. Given that, they likely do actually award some scholarships although I'd be interested to know what percentage it is of the total fees they collect.</p>

<p>Also, there's no advantage I know of to claim membership in any of the 'HS Honors' memberships/listings/books.</p>

<p>Ahhh, memories ... this is how I found CC last year! </p>

<p>It's not a scam, but the bar is pretty low for "invitation" consideration. We did not follow up. You can decide for yourself: The</a> National Society of High School Scholars</p>

<p>Since we were full pay, the Who's Who, $1000 scholarship was a surprise. I do remember that I insisted that DS complete the app and I would pay the 5 bucks. We never bought the book, don't know if he was listed in the book but picture shown, and definitely not listed in their online 2002 winners. </p>

<p>I imagine there was some element of chance but I believe once selected for consideration, his school's recommendation swayed the judges. Athough the amount won was small, it was more than the NMF award (nonparticipating school). DS did not apply to other scholarships because of the time and costs involved. </p>

<p>Never turn down an opportunity if the costs and efforts are manageable.</p>

<p>OK interesting
we just got a postcard today saying our "invitation" would be sent in the next few weeks. I did check it out online, but, to me, that means little, as anyone can put anything on the net. But to hear someone actually got $1000 for gambling $5 well, that is ....interesting. I am fundamentally opposed to paying a fee but I'll check it out further.
To those who actually "won" , gained a bit of dough, what were your kids' stats.</p>

<p>We only participated in his senior year. Maybe because I shagged the mail on that day.
1 of class of 400. Public school of 1700. 1500 SAT old. IB diploma. Skip 2nd. NMS (only one for his class, school typically has 1 or 2). Very small commitment to community service. 4 place in State Speech, Debate with teacher mentoring after school. Government program (Boys/Girls State successor), Saturaday Academy (summer internship at a computer company), Chamber of Commerce Leadership program. Mentored by Presidential Science Teacher of Year. Rochester Science Award (?), Harvard Book Award. Violin 10 years. High School Bowl & Science Bowl both of which he and mentors thought of random accessing of random facts of totally useless value.</p>

<p>A closed clam at home. Chatterbox at school. Teachers and classmates liked him.</p>

<p>We forced fed him Head Cheese and Salmon Heads.</p>

<p>S received the postcard saying the info would be arriving soon in the mail. The thing is, he definitely does not have a GPA of 3.5 or better. IDK -- maybe everyone at his school gets nominated!?</p>

<p>Send me the money - I will not only put you name in a book, I will name a star after you :)</p>

<p>this organization is bunk...dumped envelope in trash can along with those envelopes that arrived for sons..it is a marketing ploy for that old chestnut..a book of names...something that is an extremely tough sell anymore. Most colleges are also considering dumping the Yearbook as well and ramping up their websites...I think that would be a good point to put in your article...kfinck10...yearbooks are now quaint and not treasured as they used to be either</p>

<p>I will share that a generation ago, I received 'Nomination" to a similar organization for suckers and was rather flattered...since I had no measure of things and no woman in my family had gone to college yet...my parents didn't shell out for that book though...we didn't have that kind of disposable income but I think these organizations are still finding a few naive buyers in the heartlands...</p>

<p>I recall my mother ordering Encyclopedias in the 60s from a door to door salesman. She told me that he elicited from her that she had no four year college degree, and he impressed on her how much her children would therefore require encyclopedias! </p>

<p>simpler times! </p>

<p>another angle!<br>
days gone by and a world where information was harder to come by
ditto perspective</p>

<p>however, I miss the smell of opening up my encyclopedia and the accompanying feeling that KNOWLEDGE would be found in those 10 volumes</p>