What is the physics like at FIT?

I just got accepted to FIT for astrophysics. I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with the physics/astrophysics programs and their quality. I want to pursue grad school, but I’m worried that the large engineering focus at FIT will bleed into the physics programs and not give me as good of preparation for grad school.
Also, I’m interested in theoretical physics, and I’m worried that FIT’s applied nature will pidgeon-hole me into experimental research at the grad level.

I didn’t major in physics, but since you seemed highly concerned about grad school, I would go wherever offers you a chance to participate in research. FIT is a research university so there should be opportunities in the physics department. Transferring is going to hurt you wherever you go, though, since you might have to put a year into developing relationships with professors and finding out where there are openings.

An internship might also look good on your grad school application and help you stand out from the crowd. I know there are many engineering jobs in Melbourne, but have you found any places nearby that employ physics majors? I’m not sure where physics majors work.

Other than that, I don’t think there’s much a program can do to prepare you for grad school. In my experience, grad school was like undergrad except the minimum paper length was longer. Grad classes don’t immediately jump into advanced topics either because not everyone necessarily had the same undergrad major and not everyone goes straight from undergrad to grad school. Some people need an introduction to a topic.