What is the point of a chance post

<p>We can all see the accept/reject stats here. We all know how we measure up against those. We all know there is a lot of uncertainty in admissions. Do the best you can, follow your passion, stay ahead of the curve, and let the chips fall where they may. I know there there is a ton of uncertainty at this time in your life. Get used to it.</p>

<p>. . . and maybe check out the CC Stats Profiles. :)</p>

<p>Kids get very insecure about college admissions junior and early senior year. Chance threads are a(n admittedly stupid) way to quell those worries.</p>

<p>There is absolutely no point to a chance post. Which is why I never respond to or even read them.</p>

<p>You know what intrigues me? The threads titled "Chance me for X; I'll chance back." So in other words, "My opinion has so little merit that I don't trust it, but if you'll give me a hand I'll offer my worthless opinion to you!" :)</p>

<p>digital xanax!</p>

<p>"Stickie" a good "whats the point of chances?" thread in the "chances forum".</p>

<p>I sometimes respond to chance posts to point out some glaring error in how they think about admissions so that they can maybe benefit from realizing their mistake (I tried to come up with an example but I can't think of one right now). However, the majority of chance threads are people who obviously know they're qualified and are hoping to get some sort of pat-on-the-back that helps them cope with the fact that obviously qualified people get rejected and they might be one of them, or not.</p>

<p>We all have seen one with 2400, 4.0 and stellar EC's , APs etc get rejected ....
and a 2090, 3.9 who just had done some tutoring and played a sport get in....</p>

<p>So what is the catch?? they don't want scoring machines .. they want ones who are passionate about things they do.. .be it study or ECs or Social work....</p>

<p>Besides Exceptions, they don't expect every admit to be an Intel, USAMO or Olympiad winner.... Neither all of such winner get in.....</p>