what is the point of bspace?

<p>I was messing around on it but it seems so strange...it hasn't synced in any way with my class schedule, and I don't get the. Whole "workspace" vs "myberkeley" thing...its almost like they're trying to be like CC. Lol. But anyways how vital is it that I use it, and for current students what have you used it for? Thx</p>

<p>I use it a few times a week because my teachers post powerpoints on there so that you don't have to take notes on the basic concepts but more of the in depth things that they say. They post the syllabus. Videos. And students can ask each other things on there. You'll use it more when you have classes.</p>

<p>Some classes/professors use it more than others. It is usually where course materials are uploaded (lecture slides, syllabus, handouts), and class announcements are posted. Sometimes there is also a chatroom set up. You will get used to using it once the Fall semester begins.</p>

<p>Hm sounds good. When should I gainaccess/membership to these pages?</p>

<p>The classes will be added automatically as the first day of class approaches. You will just see new tabs appear with a course name/semester on it. If your professor chooses to use it, they will definitely discuss it a bit on the first day. If you are confused on how to use it, just ask around.</p>