What is the point of teaching high level math to everybody???

<p>Lol ok I'm not some teenage dropout, I was wondering about this because I really love math and want to do electrical engineering, but was fearing that all of those math/analysis-related jobs were going to be outsourced in the near future. Some say that there will be greater demand in the US for engineers/researchers/scientists/program... while others say that anything that can be done in front of a computer will be done in India or China. I don't mind becoming a doctor if I can't pursue a career that requires good math skills. So do you think that math skills becoming ever more important in today's lucrative job markets, or will I just be competing against a whole new continent of workers for less pay?</p>

<p>think outsourcing..........</p>

<p>Go ahead and study what you want. There is no way to accurately predict the future job market with the world economy in turmoil. Not to mention that the math-related jobs may be headed home because of security concerns.</p>