what is the point

<p>What is the point of SAT 2 Scores, or even SAT 1's?</p>

<p>SAT1 requirement of many colleges
SAT2 shows skill untested or not clearly shown in SAT1</p>

<p>To place an unnecessary amount of stress on students in order to further a society designed to guilt and fearmonger people into the standards of soceity. </p>


<p>The point of the SAT1 scores is to provide one consistent measure for colleges. It has been wildly successful in that so many students do take the SAT so it does allow for comparisons of scores on that test. How relevant this measure if for success during and after college is questionable. When there are so many students applying from so many differenct schools with so many grading policies and different curriculums, it is difficult to assess the kids. There are some schools where the kids are pre selected and are all very bright and talented. How does one differentiate between a child from that school versus, say, an inner city school short on funding, student and parent interest? The SAT1 can give you some indication and you will then be comparing apples with apples. The SAT2 are subject tests and reflect the material that should be covered during that year. A kid with an "A" in honor physics from some remote school off the radar screen of a college may not have the basic level of physics down. However, if that "A" is paired with good SAT2 test results on the subject, it gives the level of instruction that the kid has had. For homeschooled kids, 5 SATs are often requestee as the grades are often not as objective as many schools like. The SAT2 scores indicated where the kid is in learning the material. The SAT2 Writing soon to be incorporated into the SAT1 is valuable because it gives the colllege a grade on a writing sample done in a closed room with no outside help. Who know who wrote those essays?</p>

<p>I disagree with that statement, kids with 1450+ SAT scores with low gpa's are turned away. They show they are smarter but maybe had it rough in high school or a situation occurred, or maybe they just wanted to have a little more fun. Even though they are very bright they are turned away, people with high SAT scores, smarter kids, are overshadowed by hardworking 3.8's with 1200 SATs. Just because they work hard doesnt mean they are smart enough to attend a fairly prestigious college</p>

<p>colleges want their students to work hard and be smart too, preferably.</p>

<p>but working hard with a good attitute is more important to them</p>

<p>that is why many colleges prioritize GPAs and course selection</p>

<p>Well Farb, I think it just shows that people who work hard tend to go farther in life than someone who is brilliant but with a poor work ethic. People don't go to Harvard to be smart and sit around. They go to learn what they need to prepare them for the job world.</p>

<p>For instance: George W. Bush is stupid and somehow he became president.</p>

<p>yeah i know this, i have a friend applying to USC priority. He has taken 11Ap's and only has a 2.7 GPA to show for it, but his SAT Scores (1510) show his intelligence and he won't get in because of the fact that his gpa is below 3.0</p>

<p>Well, if he has taken 11 AP's, USC will probably look at that, see that he is taking an insane courseload and boost his GPA a little.</p>

<p>I doubt if he has a 1510 and 11 AP classes he'll get denied by too many schools.</p>

<p>Yes but still 2.7! no schools weight class courses, everyone brings it back to 4.0 Scale and since our school doesnt weight courses hes not a great prospect</p>

<p>Well, then he should've either lightened his courseload or done better in those classes.</p>

<p>I could take AP Calculus, fail and say, "Well at least I took AP Calculus!"</p>

<p>haha he is in ap calc and has a low b right now</p>