What is the precise time for the deadline? (Plus, what does *this* mean?)

<p>So, I really want to get into University of San Diego. My Commonapp essay is not even close to being done and in Dallas time it is 11:00 pm. In San Diego it should be 9:00 pm. </p>

<p>What hour is the deadline really? As in, Dallas time or San Diego time or something else entirely? Should I try to make it on time coming back to CC in intervals to have people look at it, or just wait and write it and have my counselor look at it? The thing is is that USD seems to accept more early action kids than regular. </p>

<p>Can someone please explain <em>this</em> (Below) to me clearly?</p>

<p>"Is it easier or harder to be admitted if I apply Early Action?</p>

<p>Early applicants are required to submit the same credentials as regular applicants. Because we are not able to look at the entire applicant pool and students only submit grades through the 6th semester (or end of junior year), admission is more competitive."</p>

<p>If you're applying through common app, it says that all deadlines are by Eastern Standard Time. </p>

<p>It means that you should have good 9th - 11th grade grades, since they can't look at senior year and don't know your grades from then.</p>

<p>I see... Well, I'll just hope for the best then since at this point there's not much I can do. </p>

<p>Thank you so much! c: I appreciate it.</p>