What is the science and french department like at Goucher?

<p>I know I want to do something in science, specifically biology so what is Goucher's biology department like? I would prefer it to be small but also well developed. I don't want to be competing against a ton of grad students either. Also, what is the french language studies department like at Goucher? Good professors? </p>

<p>Anything else that anyone wants to mention would be great!</p>

<p>The Science Program is terrific. Our daughter is a Biology Major and enjoys her science classes and labs. The classes are small. Just about every science course has a three hour lab associated with it. The classes take place three days a week and lab falls on a different day. It’s challenging course work, the classes are small and they offer many class times, to make scheduling a liberal arts curriculum doable. </p>

<p>Our daughter’s friend is a French Major and enjoys Goucher and her courses.</p>

<p>Other pluses are: a beautiful campus, dorms are nice, Baltimore is a great city, traveling in and out of BWI is convenient. You should take a closer look.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>It sounds great! This is definitely going on my list of college visits.From what I heard they also have a wonderful study abroad program. Does anyone know what that is like?</p>

<p>Goucher was the first college to require students to study abroad. Students receive a $1,200 voucher when they study abroad, to help offset the travel costs. There are several Goucher sponsored programs, and other abroad programs which can be considered. The International Affairs department is not Goucher’s strongest suit, but it may be stronger than other colleges (I have nothing to compare it to).</p>

<p>My dd started at Goucher in 2006 which was the first required year for mandatory study abroad. As a junior, she had chosen a program in Australia at University of the Sunshine Coast because she really liked the course offererings for her major, Communications, although I was hesitant for her to go so far away from home. To offset costs, Goucher offered her additional sholarship money of about $1500, which was close to the total amount for the roundtrip airfare at the time to Brisbane. No matter what the cost, it was well worth it for her because it really was a life altering experience for her. She had met so many wonderful international students who attended the program who she is still close with, and met a wonderful young Australian man who also attended the program who decided to do his study abroad at Goucher the following year. After graduating Goucher in 2010, she returned to Australia, and has been gainfully employed in her field. When she retuns she will have had several years experience in her field which should make it easier to gain employment back in the US. And just to share the good news, she is also recently engaged to be married to this wonderful Australian! We couldn’t be happier for her!</p>