What is the Student Support Services?

<p>I got a notice about it in the mail a few days ago. It mostly talks about this summer program that it's inviting me to, but I don't really know what the SSS is. Has anyone else been invited to it?</p>

<p>I'm not directly familiar with BU's SSS program but, since you've had no responses, I can give you the $.02 version of the program as it applies to other SUNY's:</p>

<p>Student Support Services is a federally funded (TRIO) program that basically provides lower income students with mentoring and other opportunities to help them get off to a good start in college and, hopefully, graduate on time. They generally accept a certain number of students per year (preference given to freshmen/sophomores and existing SSS participants do not reapply) and assign a SSS staff member to meet one-on-one several times a semester to find out what the student's goals/needs are and if they're experiencing any difficulty, academically or otherwise. If so, they can pay for tutors or other programs (including grad school test prep courses), or enlist the resources of other departments to assist. They often offer social/cultural events or trips to their advisees as well as scholarship/grant opportunities. Unlike EOP, which has mandatory summer sessions and other requirements, SSS is a scaled back version for students admitted via the normal process who may be first-generation or have other backgrounds and who would benefit from the added support and guidance.</p>